GLAM is the new dimension of pvc floor. In 5 mm thickness, you can find the beauty, the charm and the strength of wood. Its high practicality, its charming and realistic look and its warmth, will give your rooms an elegant and unique effect.

The WOOD COLLECTION is the essence of the latest trends. It offers, extremely elegant and fashion colors and wraparound shades. Easy and quick to install, to maintain and to clean, practical, resistant, sound absorbing and glue-free, its thickness not exceeding 5mm, GLAM is suitable for any environment.

GLAM is the ideal solution for rapidly paving areas that need to be immediately used. Create or renew the image of your rooms making them comfortable and elegant by combining the warm and natural look of the wood and the convenience and durability of PVC.

GLAM has a very realistic and natural look. It is made of top quality materials, by using the hot press system. This production process is synonymous with high quality, durability and dimensional stability.


  • Elegance
  • Natural effect
  • Large format tile
  • Quick and easy to install, no adhesive needed
  • No waiting time required to walk on it
  • Minimum thickness required for installation
  • Can be installed over existing floors
  • High comfort
  • Acoustic damping
  • Recyclable
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-static
  • Eco-friendly, health friendly