GLAM has been designed to be easy to install. Two types of interlocking click (on the long side and on the heads) allow perfect seal without glue.

GLAM has been designed to withstand wear and tear and scratches. Water and moisture will not cause damages. It is suitable for wet environments such as kitchen and bathroom.

GLAM has been designed to provide acoustic damping and relax. The use of additional adequate underfloor mat, allows achieving high living standards.

GLAM has been produced in large format tiles. Its colors are warm, cozy and trendy. The WOOD collection will renew your rooms with a new style and a charming, inviting atmosphere.

GLAM has been designed to be wholesome. Glam is made of materials and components that are safe both for people health and for the environment.


icona impermeabilità 100% waterproof
icona impermeabilità
Available sizes:
220 x 1210 mmThickness: 5.0 mm
Wearing layer: 0.55 mm


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Prodotto / Product EN 649 Pavimento PVC Click / Click PVC Floor
Composizione / Composition100% PVC Vergine / 100% virgin PVC
Costruzione / ConstructionPavimento PVC eterogeneo con finitura di poliuretano in superficie
Heterogeneus PVC floor wight poliurethane surface finish
Tipologia produttiva / Manufacturing processAd alta pressione / High pressure
Certificazione CE / CE CertificationEN 14041 : 2004
Spessore strato d'usura / Wear layer thickness0,55 mm
PU in superficie / PU renforcementSi / Yes
Spessore totale / Total thickness5,00 mm
Peso totale / Total weight9.600 gr/mq
Formato plancia / Size plankcm 22 x 121
Boccaggio / ConnectionBrevetti: Unilin click system sui lati lunghi e Välinge 5G sulle teste
Patented: Unilin click system on length and Välinge 5G on heads
Fibra di vetro / Fiberglass sheetSi / Yes
Bisellatura / Bevelled edgeMicro bisellatura sui 4 lati / Micro bevelling on 4 edges
Reazione al fuoco / Reaction to fireEN 13501-1Class Bfl-S1
Emissione di formaldeide / Formaldehyde emissionEN 717-1Class E1
Resistenza allo scivolamento / Slip resistanceEN 13893Class DS
Spessore totale / Overall thicknessEN 428 (EN ISO 24346)5,00 mm
Impronta residua / Residual indentationEN 433 (EN ISO 24343-1)< 0,10 mm
Densità dello strato d'usura / Density of wear layerEN 436 (EN ISO 23996)Valore medio 1.273 gr/cm³ / Average value 1.273 gr/cm³
Stabilità dimensionale / Dimensional stabilityEN 434 (EN ISO 23999)< 0,15%
Arricciatura al calore / Curl resultant to heatEN 434 (EN ISO 23999)< 1 mm
Resistenza all'abrasione / Wear resistenceEN 660-2Gruppo T / Group T
Resistenza alla sedia con rotelle / Castor chair suitabilityEN 425Nessuna variazione della superficie* / No change on surface
Comportamento elettrostatico / Electrostatic propensityEN 1815< 2 Kv
Tenuta all'acqua / Water resistanceEN 13553Superata / pass
Resistenza allo scivolamento / Slip resistanceDIN 51130R10
Stabilità dei colori alla luce / Color fasteness to lightISO 105-B02Grado > 6 / Grade > 6
Resistenza agli agenti chimici / Chemical resistanceEN 423 (EN ISO 26987)Nessuna variazione / No change (Class. 0)
Riduzione acustica all'impatto / Sound reduction<5db, 22db con utilizzo di materassino, CL. IS 2
<5db, 22db using underfloor mat, CL. IS 2
Resistenza termica / Thermal resistanceEN 126670,03 mq K/W
idoneo su riscaldamento a pavimento
temp. dell'acqua max 27° C
0,03 mq K/W
suitable for underfloor heating
water temp. max 27° C
Destinazione d'uso / Performance classificationEN 685-43 (EN ISO 26986)33 - 42
* Utilizzando ruote di tipo W in accordo EN 12529
   By using castor TYPE W according EN 12529
Unità di imballo / Packaging unit
Scatola / Boxmq. 1,86 (7 place / 7 planks)
Bancale / Palletmq. 81,84 (44 scatole / 44 boxes)


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Before laying, planks and tiles should be left at least 48/72 hours inside the premises where they are to be laid. The area should be appropriately acclimatized in advance.
The ideal laying temperature is between 18º and 25ºC (64.4 – 77ºF) and the floor should be about 15ºC (59ºF).

The GLAM floors are equipped with an interlocking system Two Locking System , which ensures proper sealing.

Always start laying the floor from left to right. In this way, planks are installed with the tongue-side opposite the wall.

Use spacers to maintain a constant distance of 5/7mm. from the walls, in order to second the material natural movements and consent the planks to expand and contract. Place the entire first row of planks, and then place the second and subsequent rows one after the other.

Istruzioni di aggancio sistema Uniclick
Istruzioni di aggancio sistema Välinge

To continue with the following row, insert the plank in the longitudinal groove of the planks already laid (in the previous row), taking care to connect them making a rotation with a tilt of about 30 ° to fix it, then press on the short side until the head-tongue is locked. Once you are finished with the installation, remove all the spacers previously placed along the perimeter.

Expansion joints - For areas larger than 100 square meters or in rooms with a length / width more than 10 ml., you must install expansion joints to consent the floor to expand and contract without causing problems. S k irting boards or finishing edge profi les must not be fi xed to the floor. To ensure the best results, lay an underfloor mat for acoustic damping (minimum compressive strength of 50 kPa), to reduce the noise when walking. Direct solar radiation can cause expansion and twisting of the PVC flooring, especially when planks are installed with no glue. These effects can be easily avoided, by using blinds, curtains, (external and / or internal) selective glass or covering the glass-windows with special films that reduce the effect of infrared rays up to 98%. If necessary, add glue in close proximity to windows / French windows with direct sunlight.


Isolamento acustico di 22db con utilizzo del materassino sottopavimento

We recommended to install Glam on an underfloor mat, in order to reduce noise and get high levels of comfort.

IsolDrum Mousse, IsolDrum LVT and LVT IsolDrum Plus – produced by Isolmant for its Gamma Parquet – are high technology mats, designed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements for sound insulation, durability and mechanical strength. The Isolmant Gamma Parquet mats have also high standard mechanical characteristics, which guarantee the surface resistance of the mat and its stability over time. These products keep high performance even when installed on floor heating system (for which you must ensure that Rt = 0.15 m2 K / W). (Rt=coating + insulating).


Maintenance of GLAM floor is easy. Observe a few simple rules as to place a grate or doormat at the entrance of the premises, to avoid that dirt can be introduced. Put protective pads under chairs, tables and furniture.
Do not use wax with solvents or vitrifying paint; do not use acetone, solvent or aggressive products.
In everyday cleaning:

  • use vacuum cleaner, broom, or electrostatic cloth to remove dust and dirt from the floor.
  • washing. Use a specific detergent diluted with water with a wet cloth mop or microfiber. We recommend the use of EMU-SF, a detergent specifically formulated for PVC floors, to clean and sanitize the floor.
  • let the floor dry before walking on it.
EMU-SF is an excellent detergent for professional use. It reduces the formation of dirt by creating a protective film, and adding to GLAM a natural brightness. Dilution: For normal cleaning, dilute 50 ml of EMU-SF per liter of water. For very dirty floors increase the dose of EMU-SF up to 150 ml per liter of water. Floor cleaning machines must be used at low speed.